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Skid Fabrication

Complete Turnkey Fabrication: material procurement, weld fabrication, testing, coating services, and shipping.

Design Department


Diamond Fab designers utilize the latest in computer design tools and CAD technologies to provide your project with fabrication drawings or conceptual design assistance of your ideals through 3D modeling. This streamlines your entire project and accelerates your schedule by mitigating costly errors before installation.



  • Autocad

  • Autodesk Mechanical

  • Autodesk Inventor Professional 3D

  • Compress Vessel Design

  • Acorn Pipe Spooling






Welding Equipment: LINCOLN R3R600, LINCOLN DC400, LINCOLN DC400, LINCOLN DC400, LINCOLN DC400, MILLER SYNCROWAVE 350LX, MILLER SYNCROWAVE 350LX, MILLER XMT 350, MILLER XMT 350, MILLER DIMENSION 652, MILLER DIMENSION 652, MILLER DELTAWELD 452, MILLER DIMENSION 400, MILLER FC-5E, MILLER MAXSTAR 150, LINCOLN SA200 PORTABLE W/TORCH. Manipulators, PANDJIRIS 11x11 , ARONSON 10x10, PROFAX 7x5, Custom Manipulator with SAW & GMAW/FCAW-Automatic Oscillation Capabilities, Welding Positioners 10,000 lb to 3000, Qty-13. Tank Rolls, 30 Ton to 5 Ton Qty-7 


Cutting Equipment: Vernon Pipe Burning Machine 3-42 Diameter x 20/40 ft ,Ultra Graph Shape Cutter, Esab Track Torch, Esab Plasma, Wells 10x14 inch Horzanial Saw, Pipe Saddle Burning Machine, Portable Pipe Beveling Machines 2-20 inch, Acetylene Torches 


Material Handling Equipment: 10 Ton Overhead Crane w/27ft Hook Height Qty 2, Grove 23 Ton Picker Swing Cab, Over Head Swing Booms w/1 Ton Hoist Qty 8, Forklifts Qty-2 5000#, Forklift 10,000#, 1 Ton Trucks Qty-3 w/30 and 40 ft Trailers.


Testing Equipment: 1,000 PSI Hydro tester, 3,500 PSI Hydro tester, 20,000 PSI Hydro tester, Brinell Hardness Tester


Machining Equipment: 24 inch Engine Lathe w/9 inch Open Spindle, 9x42 inch Mill, Rigid Pipe Threading machine


Blasting Equipment: 75 HP electric compressor, 3 blast pots, automatic pipe blaster.

Products and Services


Diamond Fab is a diversified service company with solutions for your capital construction, maintenance, pipe, structural, and vessel fabrication.

Design Team


Our team at Diamond Fab is available to assist you in taking your ideas from concept to construction.


Inconel Inlay
Overlay cladding being added to valve faces where conditions require corrosion resistant properties.
Stress Relieving

Heat treating welds for code compliance.

Speciality Items

Valve handle extensions machined, fabricated and galvanized for Tesoro.


Subsea skid fabricated for Oceaneering.

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